Registered Psychotherapist​

Health and happiness starts in the home. Family counselling can help each family member express their needs effectively and assist in creating a supportive and safe environment. Therapy can assist with parenting issues, blended families, divorce, and family conflict. 

Telephone Counselling

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress management
  • gender and sexuality
  • LGBTQ+ issues & coming out
  • sexual abuse/trauma
  • domestic abuse
  • addictions
  • dealing with anger & emotions
  • self esteem & body image
  • assertiveness
  • workplace issues
  • coping & life skills
  • student issues
  • motivation and goal-setting
  • relationship conflict
  • parenting and child behaviour
  • communication
  • poly/kink relationship counselling (KAP)
  • infidelity
  • divorce
  • grief & loss


Covered by most insurance and extended health benefit plans. 

Sliding scale rates available for those with demonstrated need


What Can yOU expect to work on?

Learn how to nurture and strengthen one of your most important relationships. Discover each other's deepest needs and learn how to meet them in a loving and compassionate way. Improve your communication so you can get through life's challenges and recover from arguments. 

Individual counselling can also be scheduled over the phone if you are unable to come to the office, are travelling, or have moved. Telephone services are only available to clients residing in Canada. 


Individual therapy can help with improving your mood, coping with a crisis, managing stress or workplace issues, or assist in deepening your insight and awareness about yourself so you can achieve your personal goals.