As a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) and Certified Canadian Counsellor I have the training and resources to help you achieve your goals in a compassionate, down-to-earth, and safe environment. 

I'm experienced at working with clients of diverse ages and backgrounds doing both short and long term therapy. I earned a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at McGill University and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at York University.  My post-graduate training includes trauma-informed counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion, Emotion Focused Therapy, as well as relationship and family counselling. I lead workshops on healthy relationships, stress management, and sexuality counselling. 

My approach is to work with you in a collaborative way to help you access your strengths. I bring my energy and experience and you bring your desire and willingness to learn. Together we will help you gain insight and build skills so whatever you learn can be applied wherever you need it.  Having been through the process myself, I know how valuable therapy can be in self-discovery and personal growth. My passion is helping people connect with themselves, connect in their relationships, and connect with their families and community. I offer a free initial consultation to help you to get to know me and to discuss your therapy goals. 

Welcome and congratulations on taking a step towards health and personal growth! My passion is helping people reclaim their  happiness, vibrancy, and confidence in themselves. I strongly believe that you already have many of the tools you need to live the life you want, you just need a compassionate guide to help you find your way. 


Registered Psychotherapist​